Slot Machines

Bring all the excitement of the casino with flashing lights and sound effects to your event with our Las Vegas style slot machines. Our machines light up in a frenzy when the jackpot drops!

Blackjack style slot machine

007 James Bond Slot Machine

All our machines take free play token coins and make a great addition to your fun casino event. Tokens can be exchanged at any of the gaming tables for casino chips so your guests can enjoy the entire casino experience.

For charities and fundraisers, you can sell the free play tokens on the night to raise money for your organisation.

Our slot machines operate using free play tokens instead of coins. To spin the reels simply pull down the handle to the left of the machine. Each reel can be stopped individually by pressing the buttons below the reels.

To win, match any three symbols on five different win lines and if you are skilful enough to match three sevens you will enter the jackpot mode and win from 300 to 1000 tokens!

Las Vegas Style Slot Machines